Find Local Business Globally


Easy to access and manage whether you are using it within your private network or wider group of professionals.

  • Services

    Cut clicks and time with one tap access to business services.

  • Requests

    Send personalized voice messages with each request you send.

  • Conversations

    Free calls with anyone in your network.

  • Opportunities

    Get targeted leads or results directly on your phone.

  • Keys

    Stay connected with preferred service providers wherever you go.

  • History

    An organization of your daily requests and replies.

One of Life's Demands

With all systems live from the moment one awakes, we all could do with a little help when it comes to juggling chores between work, office and play but how?

The answer, easy! Design a product that did one thing everyone needed. Save time. So that’s exactly what we did.

What this now means for you the reader, is a communication app that connects you to the nearest provider of the service selected. A simple example would be leaving a message for your loved ones, finding a cleaner for your after party to leaving instructions for your child’s new math teacher. So many choices exist, it’s as if you always wanted it but never knew it existed.


Tap a button and send a voice request for the services you need. Just like the remote control should be.


Instantly have businesses contact you conveniently. Never have to look up contact numbers again even if it’s for your plumber.


Communicate with the comfort of knowing that all of your requests will be answered no matter where you are.

Hassle Free

Run errands and organize your life’s events right from your smart phone with real time updates as you go.


Come a little closer and see just a few benefits what ZEOZ as a unique platform is intended for. Best results will show if you specify your account type as business even if you are just starting off afresh.

Offered on a first come first served basis, the network offers opportunities to every ZEOZ business account holder registered through the app.
For every person unemployed, ZEOZ offers you the opportunity to communicate with prospective buyers directly with ZEOZ credit.
With the nearest person qualified to assist. ZEOZ entails a faster access for non emergency services.
Have your say in conversations relating to local and domestic issues. Who knows your local candidate may just be listening.